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Fort de la Point (1718-18??) - First established under French control in 1718 by Joseph Simon de la Pointe. Also known as Fort Krebs and Old Spanish Fort as control of the property changed hands. Ceased to be used as a fortification sometime in the 1800s.

Old Spanish Fort and Museum
Old Spanish Fort Krebs Cotton Gin


Originally established in 1718 as a fortified residence by Joseph Simon de la Pointe on a land grant given to his aunt by marriage. The fort was constructed of hewn timbers, shell lime, and shells on the shore of Lake Catahoula near present-day Pascagoula, Mississippi.

Baron Hugo Ernestus Krebs became the owner of the land on which the fort was located in the 1730s and the fort was renamed Fort Krebs and the lake became Krebs Lake. The Spanish took control of the area under a treaty in 1779 and the Americans took control in 1798 with the Louisiana Purchase. The name Old Spanish Fort became the popular name and is today the name of the Fort and the Museum. It is unclear when the property ceased to be used as a fortification.

  • 1718-1763 - French Control
  • 1763-1779 - British Control
  • 1779-1798 - Spanish Control
  • 1798-Present - American Control

The Old Spanish Fort Cemetery is located adjacent to the fort and contains graves dating back to the early 1800s and includes graves with the Krebs surname.

Current Status

The site has two buildings, the Fort/Museum, which dates from 1775, and the Krebs Cotton Gin. Two period guns in place along with two period ships anchors. The site and buildings were damaged by Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and not reopened or repaired as of December 2009. Enclosed in barbed wire fencing with no public access.

Location: Old Spanish Fort, Pascagoula, Mississippi.

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Lat: 30.378975 Long: -88.558189



Visited: 8 Dec 2009

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