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GRC-171 Transceiver Radio Set - A Medium Range UHF AM Transceiver Radio set built by Collins Radio Group/ Rockwell International, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Used in ground radar stations for ground-air communications. Part of USAF Rivet Switch program in the 1970s to replace the aging vacuum tube technology radios with solid-state equipment.

GRC-171 Transceiver Radio

GRC-171 Transceiver Radio

GRC-171 Transceiver Radio
Element Value Notes
Nomenclature GRC-171
  • GRC-171(V)1. UHF AM transceiver.
  • GRC-171(V)2 UHF AM/FM transceiver.
  • GRC-171A(V)1 UHF AM transceiver.
  • GRC-171A(V)2 UHF AM/FM transceiver.
  • GRC-171A(V)4 UHF AM/FM transceiver. (compatible with Have Quick I).
  • GRC-171B(V)4 UHF AM/FM transceiver. (Have Quick I/II).
  • GRC-171C(V)4 UHF AM/FM transceiver. (Have Quick I only).
  • GRC-171D(V)4 UHF AM/FM transceiver. Configured for non-ECCM operation only
Manufacturer Collins Radio Group/ Rockwell International, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Type UHF AM Radio Transceiver
Frequency 225-399.975 MHz
Channels 7,000 @ 25 kHz spacing
Channel Spacing 25 kHz
Technology All solid state
Power Output 20-watt AM carrier
Input Power 95 to 132 V ac; 189 to 264 V ac; 47 to 63 Hz; 380 to 420 Hz; single-phase.
Introduced 1973
Production 10,752 est
Final Cost $100,000 est each with all support equip
Rivet Switch Radio Racks at Mill Valley AFS 1978. GRC-171 Transceiver in the upper left.
C-7999/GRC-171 Remote Control.
GRC-171 Components (edit list)
Component Model Quantity Height Width Deep Weight Notes
Radio Set Control C-7999/GRC- 171 1 2.62 in 3.25 in 4.5 in 0.69 lb
Radio Receiver-Transmitter RT980/GRC-171 1 8.72 in 19.00 in 19.20 in 74.5 lb

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  • Winkler, David F., Searching the Skies: the Legacy of the United States Cold War Defense Radar Program, USAF Hq Air Combat Command, 1997, 192 pages, Pdf
  • T.O. 31R2-2GRC171-2 Service And Circuit Diagrams Radio Set AN/GRC-171 pdf


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