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GRT-22 UHF Radio Transmitter Set - A single channel UHF Radio Transmitter set built by mmmmm.

GRT-22 Radio Transmitter

From TO 31R2-2GRT-102: Transmitting Set, Radio AN/GRT-22(V) is comprised of Transmitter Radio T-1109(V)/GRT-22, referred to as the UHF exciter, and Amplifier, Radio Frequency AM-6155/GRT-22, referred to as the UHF power amplifier. When only 10 watts is required only the exciter is necessary.

An oscillator-synthesizer module is available which is directly interchangeable with and replaces the crystal oscillator module

The UHF exciter, utilizing the oscillator-synthesizer is capable of transmission on any one of 7000 channels spaced 25 kHz between 225.00 and 399.975 MHz.

The UHF exciter is a crystal-controlled self-contained solid-state assembly that operates in the amplitude modulation (AM) mode. It is capable of transmission on any one of 3500 channels spaced 50 kHz between 225.00 MHz and 399.95 MHz as determined by the operating frequency of the crystal used.

The power amplifier is a self-contained unit that amplifies the 10-watt exciter output to 50 watts. The power amplifier utilizes a 350-watt plate dissipation beam power tetrode vacuum tube in a tuned cavity configuration. The amplifier operates Class AB linear. The 50-watt output is maintained by means of a closed-loop automatic power control action which is coupled back into the exciter.

GRT-22 Radio Transmitter

GRT-22 Radio Transmitter
Element Value Notes
Nomenclature GRT-22
Manufacturer mmmmm
Type Single Channel Ground to Air Radio Receiver
Number Made
Frequency 225-399.975
Number of Channels 3500 or 7,000
Channel Spacing 50 or 25 Khz
Exciter Primary Power 105, 120, 210 and 240 volts ± 10%, single phase 47 Hz

to 420 hz, 140 watts max ||

Amplifier Primary Power 05, 120, 210, and 240 volts ± 10%, single phase 47 hz to 420 hz 610 watts max
Technology Solid State (Transistor)/UHF power amplifiers are single-stage tetrode vacuum tube amplifiers

GRT-22 Components (edit list)
Component Model Quantity Height Width Deep Weight Notes
UHF Exciter T-1109(V) 1 5-1/4 in 17-3/4 in 16-7/8 in 43 pounds
UHF Power Amplifier AM-6155 1 7 in 17-3/4 in 18-1/2 in 70 pounds

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