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Lethbridge NWMP Barracks (1887-1946) - A North West Mounted Police (NWMP) post first established in 1887 in present day Lethbridge, Alberta. Abandoned in 1946.

Lethbridge NWMP Barracks City Hall Marker
Lethbridge NWMP Barracks Former Mess Hall Marker
Lethbridge NWMP Barracks Former Mess Hall at 1708 10 Avenue South


In 1886 the Division K Headquarters, North West Mounted Police (NWMP) was moved to Lethridge, Alberta. The existing Fort Whoop-Up NWMP post at Lethbridge was only a single small rented building and was not adequate for the new headquarters. The NWMP purchased "Barracks Square", a four block area in downtown Lethbridge for a new post known as Lethbridge NWMP Barracks.

The new post occupied the area now bounded by Stafford Dive South, 6 Avenue South, 11 Street South and 4 Avenue South. It contained barracks, mess halls, stables, a jail, administrative buildings, training facilities and a parade.

This facility remained in use until 1946 when most of the property was sold to the city and the RCMP moved into new smaller quarters at 441 9 Street South.

Current Status

"Barracks Square" now contains mostly civic buildings including the Lethbridge City Hall. A marker commemorating the NWMP/RNWMP/RCMP Barracks is situated near the former main entrance to the barracks, next to the city hall, on 4 Avenue south.

The only remaining building from the barracks was moved from the original site and is now located at 1708 10 Avenue South. The building was originally a mess hall and has been renovated, repurposed and is now in use by the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets #34 and the Navy League of Lethbridge #50. An informative plaque is located at the front entrance.

Location: Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. Map points are the "Barracks Square" and the former mess hall location.

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Lat: 49.694452 Long: -112.832621

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