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Panguitch Fort (1864-1867) - A Mormon settler Fort established in 1864 just before the Ute Black Hawk War (1865-1872) in present-day Panguitch, Garfield County, Utah. Abandoned in May 1866 during the Ute Black Hawk War. Reestablished in March 1871.

Panguitch Fort Marker Location


The Panguitch community was established in March 1864 by Jens Neilson and about 50 settlers at the request of Brigham Young.

The settlers built a log fort to protect their dwellings and other community buildings. The dwellings were built around the interior walls of the fort. Other interior buildings included a church, school, and recreation building. The land was cleared and planted but the first year crops failed and the following winter saw hard times.

On 10 Apr 1865 the murder of thee men initiated the Ute Black Hawk War. The Panguitch settlers abandoned the community in May 1866 leaving the fort, their homes, and crops as they lay and fled to safety at Parowan and other communities.

In 1870 Brigham Young called George W. Sevy to gather a company and resettle Panguitch. The company arrived on 19 Mar 1870 found the fort and the fields as they had been left.

Current Status

Panguitch Fort Marker Text.

Marker only on the City Offices and Library grounds at 200 E Center Street, Panguitch, Garfield County, Utah. Another marker close by relates to an incident known as the "Panguitch Quilt Walk" in which several settlers were able use their quilts to traverse an area of heavy snow.

Location: 200 E Center Street, Panguitch, Garfield County, Utah.

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Lat: 37.82265 Long: -112.43152

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  • Elevation: 6,624'

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