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Patit Creek Camp (1806-1806) - A Lewis and Clark Expedition Camp established in 1806 on the return trip near present day Dayton in Columbia County, Washington. Occupied on 2 May 1806 and abandoned on 3 May 1806.

Patit Creek Camp near Dayton WA. Note the life size Metal Silhouettes of the Members of the Expedition.

History of Patit Creek Camp

Established by the Lewis and Clark Expedition on the return trip from the Pacific coast on 2 May 1806. The expedition was following a land route to avoid having to travel upriver through the Snake River rapids. This route had been suggested by a local chief as much easier and shorter route back to the Clearwater River. This was just an overnight stop on the way back and the expedition moved on the next day.

Current Status

Patit Creek Camp Silhouette Legend.

Must See! The town of Dayton created a full scale restoration of the campsite using life size metal silhouette of the members of the expedition. There are three interpretive panels at the site.

Location: 2.5 miles northeast of Dayton in Columbia County, Washington.

Maps & Images

Lat: 46.34518 Long: -117.9363

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  • Elevation: 1780'

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