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Patrick Henry O'Rorke (1837-1863) - Born 25 Mar 1837 in County Cavan, Ireland. A U.S. Army officer and United States Military Academy graduate who served during the U.S. Civil War and who died 2 Jul 1863 at Gettysburg during that war.

Colonel Patrick O'Rorke
Monument to Colonel Patrick O'Rorke at Gettysburg Battlefield.

He entered the United States Military Academy 1 Jul 1857 and graduated 24 Jun 1861 in the Class of 1861 ranking 1st in his class. This was the second graduating class in 1861 as the U.S. Civil War accelerated graduations.

He rose to the rank of Colonel of the 140th New York Infantry in 1862 at age 25. He participated in the siege of Fort Pulaski, the Battle of Fredericksburg and at Chancellorsville. Colonel O'Rorke and the 140th New York arrived at Gettysburg on the second day of the great battle and were immediately pressed into the defense of the strategic Little Round Top. They arrived just as the Confederates were about to overrun Little Round Top and they charged down the hill to repulse the attack. Colonel O'Rorke was killed during a counterattack while holding the colors and urging his men forward.

He is buried in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Rochester, NY. The monument on Little Round Top to Colonel O'Rorke and the 140th New York Infantry that bears his likeness is shown above.

Battery O'Rorke on Fort Barry was named after Colonel Patrick Henry O'Rorke.

Father: Patrick O'Rorke (1790-1850)

Mother: Mary McGuire O'Rorke (1797-1881)


  • Clara Wadsworth Bishop (1837-1893) married 9 Jul 1862


  • none


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