Pontiac's War

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Pontiac's War (1763-1764) - A loose confederation of Indian tribes made war against British settlers and soldiers in the Great Lakes region. The conflict was named after one of the prominent Indian chiefs involved, the Ottawa Chief Pontiac. The conflict was widespread and brutal on both sides. The Indians managed to capture and destroy eight smaller forts Fort Sandusky, Fort Saint Joseph (2), Fort Miami, Fort Ouiatenon, Fort Michilimackinac (2), Fort Venango, Fort le Boeuf and Fort Presque Isle. They laid siege to two large forts, Fort Detroit and Fort Pitt (1), but were unable to capture them. The conflict ended after a treaty was negotiated at Fort Niagara in August 1764 and two British expeditions against the remaining fighters. The war essentially ended in 1764 but a later treaty was signed with Chief Pontiac at Fort Ontario on 25 Jul 1766.



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