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Presidio San Saba (1757-1769) - A Spanish Presidio established in 1757 by Colonel Diego Ortiz de Parrilla in present day Menard, Menard County, Texas. The Presidio was abandoned as a fortification in 1769.

Presidio San Saba Interior Wall Buttresses
Presidio San Saba Interior
Presidio San Saba

The Spanish Period (1757-1821)

A Spanish Presidio established in April 1757 by Colonel Diego Ortiz de Parrilla to protect the Mission Santa Cruz de San Saba established nearby at the same time. The Presido and the mission were first constructed with temporary wooden stockades. After an attack by some 2,000 hostile Indians destroyed the mission, the Presidio was rebuilt with stone. The new Presidio was a 300' x 360' stone enclosure with walls 15' to 29' high and a garrison of some 90 men.

The new Presidio was too strong to be breached by the hostile Indians but they were able to harass the garrison sufficiently to force the abandonment of the Presidio first in 1768 and finally in 1769.

Current Status

Presidio Historic Site Entrance

Restored stone ruins of the second Presidio San Saba near Menard in Menard County, Texas.

Location: Near Menard, Menard County, Texas.

Maps & Images

Lat: 30.922526 Long: -99.801795

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  • Elevation: 1,890'



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