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Presidio Santa Maria de Galve (1698-1722) - A Spanish presidio established in 1698 in present day Pensacola, Escambia County, Florida. Included Fort San Carlos de Austria in the Presidio complex. Captured by the French in 1719 and destroyed by them when they left in 1722.

Presidio Santa Maria de Galve Marker
Presidio Santa Maria de Galve 300 Year Commemorative Stone
Fort San Carlos de Austria Plan Showing the Presidio, from Site Historical Sign


A Spanish presidio built in 1698 that included a log fort separately named Fort San Carlos de Austria, a church and village. The presidio was occupied by the Spanish until May 1719 when the French captured the presidio and the fort. The Spanish recaptured the post in August 1719 but lost it again to the French by the end of the year. The French occupied the presidio and the fort until 1722 when the Spanish regained control by virtue of the 1720 Treaty of the Hague. The French burned the presidio and the fort as they departed. The Spanish decided not to rebuild at that location and built a new Presidio Isla Santa Rosa Punta de Siguenza on Santa Rosa Island. The new presidio was destroyed by a hurricane in 1752. A third site was selected and named Presidio San Miguel de Panzacola in present day downtown Pensacola.

Current Status

Original site located on Pensacola Naval Air Station, Pensacola, Escambia County, Florida. Parts of the log fort have been reconstructed. The approximate border of the presidio is outlined on the map below. The reconstructed northwest bastion of the fort can be seen in the satellite map view. This is an active military installation an access may be restricted.

Location: Located on Pensacola Naval Air Station near the old Barrancas Barracks, Pensacola, Escambia County, Florida.

Maps & Images

Lat: 30.34925 Long: -87.292814

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  • Elevation: hhhhh'



Visited: 2 Jan 2012

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