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Presidio of Santa Fe (1610-1846) - A Spanish Presidio established in 1610 by Pedro de Peralta, governor of New Mexico, in present day Santa Fe, Santa Fe County, New Mexico. The Presidio transitioned from Spanish rule to Mexican rule around 1822. The Presidio was surrendered to U.S. forces under Brigadier General Stephen Watts Kearny at the beginning of the Mexican War in 1846.

Plaza de Armas (now Santa Fe Plaza)
Nearby Catherral Basillica of St. Francis of Assisi
Presidio of Santa Fe Governors Palace

The Spanish Period (1610-1821)

First established as La Villa Real de la Santa Fe de San Francisco in 1610 and associated with the nearby Mission San Miguel.

During the Pueblo Indian Revolt (1680-1692) the Presidio was occupied by insurgent Pueblo Indians. The Spanish retook the post in 1692, rebuilt it and renamed it the Presidio of New Mexico, later renamed the Presidio of Santa Fe.

The Governors Palace was the center of the Presidio, it faced the Plaza de Armas (now Santa Fe Plaza). The Presidio barracks were located behind the Governors Palace. The Presidio was described around 1692 as a pueblo-fortification with no outward facing doors or windows and a single entrance protected by embrasured towers and trenches.

The Mexican Period (1822-1846)

The Mexican Revolution transitioned New Mexico from Spanish rule to Mexican Rule circa 1822.

The American Period (1846-Present)

The Mexican War was declared by the U.S. Congress on 11 May 1846 in response to a Mexican attack on U.S. troops in Texas. The declaration of war opened the door for the American occupation of New Mexico and U.S. forces occupied San Fe in August 1846. Portions of the Presidio were incorporated into the U.S. Fort Marcy (2).

Current Status

Santa Fe, Santa Fe County, New Mexico

Location:Santa Fe, Santa Fe County, New Mexico.

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