Prince Albert Blockhouse

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Prince Albert Blockhouse (1885-1885) - A North West Rebellion blockhouse established in 1885 in present day Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Abandoned in 1885.

Prince Albert Blockhouse

History of Prince Albert Blockhouse

A citizen defense established in 1885 during North West Rebellion. The building was originally built by Archie Ballantyne as a stable for prince Albert's first Lawyer, William Maclise. The stable was converted into a blockhouse in 1885 when the rebels threatened Prince Albert. The threat never materialized and the defense was abandoned in 1885.

Current Status

Prince Albert Blockhouse Marker

The blockhouse was moved in 1932 from the original location at 1st Ave. West and 12th St. in 1932 to the present location in Kinsmen Park in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Not open to the public due to its condition.

Location: 1st Ave West and 22nd St. in Kinsmen Park, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

Maps & Images

Lat: 53.19242 Long: -105.756272

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