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Rock Fort Camp (1805, 1806) - A Lewis and Clark Expedition Camp established in October 1805 near the present day city of The Dalles, Wasco County, Oregon. Abandoned after three nights in 1805, reoccupied again for three nights on the return trip in April 1806.

Rock Fort Camp Plaque Site Looking Up River.
Rock Fort Camp from Below.
Rock Fort Camp Site looking Down River.


Rock For Camp Interpretive Panel.

A Corps of Discovery camp was established on 25 Oct 1805 on a naturally formed rock defensive position on the south bank of the Columbia River near the present-day city of The Dalles. The campsite was occupied through 28 Oct 1805 (3 nights and 2 days). On 26 Oct 1805, the camp was visited by chiefs of the Chinookan tribes from the north shore of the Columbia. The expedition used the time to fix the latitude and longitude of the site and to repair damaged equipment.

After wintering at Fort Clatsop, the expedition camped three nights at Rock Fort Camp on the return trip. They remained at the camp from 15 Apr 1806 to 17 Apr 1806. They were again visited by the Chinookan tribe while there.

Current Status

Fort Rock Camp Plaque Text.

No remains of the camp. The site has a rock-set plaque and several interpretive panels describing events at the site. One of a few Lewis & Clark campsites that have been positively identified and where visitors can actually walk the ground where the site was located. The view from the campsite is different today than it was in Lewis & Clark's time because The Dalles Dam waters have covered Celilo Falls and the rapids at this point in the river.

Location: Along the Riverfront Trail at The Dalles in Wasco County, Oregon.

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Lat: 45.60686 Long: -121.18785

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