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Siwash Rock Battery (1914-1914, 1941-1945) - A temporary World War I Battery established in 1914 in Stanley Park, Vancouver, British Columbia. Abandoned in 1914. Site of a harbor defense searchlight during World War II.

Siwash Rock
Siwash Rock Battery Searchlight Shelter
Siwash Rock Battery Searchlight Observation Deck

History of Siwash Rock Battery

Part of the Harbor Defense of Vancouver in British Columbia.

Established in 1914 during World War I as a temporary battery behind Siwash Rock in Stanley Park, Vancouver BC. This temporary battery was established with two 4" naval guns to protect the entrance to Vancouver Harbor. The battery was deactivated in 1914.

During World War II a concrete searchlight shelter was built into the cliff face behind Siwash Rock. The shelter was one of the ten built to illuminate enemy ships in Vancouver harbor. These shelters were each fitted with a remotely operated 60" searchlights of 800 million CP along with a generator powered by a 45 HP Gardner Diesel Engine in a separate shelter.

Current Status

The concrete searchlight shelter remains. The top of the shelter now serves as the base of an observation deck overlooking Siwash Rock. No remains of the battery. Accessed by Siwash Rock Trail.

Location: Siwash Rock in Stanley Park, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Maps & Images

Lat: 49.30849 Long: -123.15587

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  • Nicholson, G.W.L., Fixed Coast Artillery Defences on the Pacific Coast, 8 May 1944, AHQ Report, PDF, page 13.


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