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Square Redoubt (1861-1862, 1862-1865) - A U.S. Civil War redoubt established in 1861 by Confederate forces on Jamestown Island in James City County, Virginia. Abandoned by Confederate forces in 1862 and occupied by Union forces for the duration of the war.

Square Redoubt Ditch
Square Redoubt Earthworks
Square Redoubt Southeast Corner


Established as a Confederate U.S. Civil War earthworks 4 guns redoubt in the middle of Jamestown Island. The redoubt was one of five Confederate posts positioned on Jamestown Island to protect the island and cover the James River ship channel leading toward the Confederate Capitol at Richmond.

Jamestown U.S. Civil War Confederate Fortifications
Name Guns Location
Fort Pocahontas (1) 18 Original Fort Site
Square Redoubt 4 Middle of Island
Bridge Redan 1 At the old Bridge
Sand Battery 5 Goose Hill
Black Point Battery 2 Black Point

Construction on the fortifications began in the spring of 1861 under the supervision of William Allen the island's owner who raised the troops at his own expense to occupy the positions. The redoubt was completed under the supervision of Confederate engineer Lieutenant Catesby ap Roger Jones.

As Union forces advanced up the James River the redoubt was burned and abandoned by the Confederates on 3 May 1862. The redoubt remained under Union control for the duration of the war.

Current Status

Part of the Jamestown Historical Site in Jamestown, James City County, Virginia. The redoubt is off of the loop drive around the island, it is not marked and is very overgrown and difficult to see from the road.

Location: On the driving loop around Jamestown Island, James City County, Virginia.

Maps & Images

Lat: 37.2016888 Long: -76.7606646

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