Titan I Strategic Missile System

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Titan I Strategic Missile System (1962-1965) - Cold War era United States Air Force (USAF) Strategic Titan I Missile system.

Titan I Missile System

The Titan I (SM-68A) was one of the United States' first strategic, intercontinental ballistic missiles designed to carry nuclear warheads. The Titan I was a 98-foot-long, two-stage missile, fueled by kerosene and liquid oxygen that carried a 4.5 megaton warhead and had a range of some 5,500 miles. The Titan I missiles were built by the Glenn L. Martin Aircraft Company in a plant outside Denver, Colorado.

The first Titan I missiles became operational in April 1962. During the Cuban missile crisis in October 1962, the available Titans were readied for launch as a deterrent. The Titan I's were phased out by 1965.

Each Titan I missile complex contained three underground Titan I missile silos with one missile in each silo. Each complex was managed by a Strategic Missile Squadron (SMS). The Launch silos were 160-feet deep and 40-feet in diameter connected by tunnels to a powerhouse, control center, and radio antennas. The missiles were raised after fueling into the launch position above ground by silo elevators. The launch sequence took about 15 minutes.

Titan I Missile Launch Complexes
Base Site Silos Near County State GPS Notes
Beale 851-A 3 Lincoln Placer CA 38.88192, -121.26573
Beale 851-B 3 Live Oak Sutter CA 39.27610, -121.82954
Beale 851-C 3 Chico Butte CA 39.81826, -121.8528
Ellsworth 850-A 3 New Underwood Pennington County SD 44.13714, -102.61776
Ellsworth 850-B 3 Hermosa Custer County SD 43.77703, -103.1467
Ellsworth 850-C 3 Sturgis Meade County SD 44.39796, -103.31328
Larson 568-A 3 Warden Adams WA 47.18778, -118.82278
Larson 568-B 3 Othello Grant WA 46.91667, -119.05472
Larson 568-C 3 Royal City Grant WA 46.90722, -119.75528
Lowry 724-A 3 Bennett Arapahoe CO 39.64794, -104.69015
Lowry 724-B 3 Denver Arapahoe CO 39.60469, -104.57962
Lowry 724-C 3 Denver Arapahoe CO 39.66536, -104.49294
Lowry 725-A 3 Deertail Arapahoe CO 39.58843, -104.46187
Lowry 725-B 3 Bennett Arapahoe CO 39.66783, -104.02758
Lowry 725-C 3 Elizabeth Elbert CO 39.30479, -104.56395
Mountain Home 569-A 3 Bruneau Owyhee ID 42.67031, -115.86749
Mountain Home 569-B 3 Oreana Owyhee ID 43.06642, -116.26375
Mountain Home 569-C 3 Boise Ada ID 43.34553, -115.99196
Vandenberg 395-A 3 Lompoc Santa Barbara CA 34.80626, -120.54484
Vandenberg OSTF-8 1 Lompoc Santa Barbara CA 34.80430, -120.54621

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