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Touchwood Hills Post (1850-1890) - A Hudson's Bay Company trading post first established in 1849 near present day Punnichy, Saskatchewan. Abandoned in 1909.

Touchwood Hills Post Foundation Remains, Interpretive Panels Missing
ouchwood Hills Post Stone Cairn Map
Touchwood Hills Post Stone Cairn

History of Touchwood Hills Post

Operated by the Hudson's Bay Company in four different locations as Touchwood Hills trading post. The last location was operated between 1879 and 1909 by the following officers:

The last post location was an important supply depot along the trails to Prince Albert, Nut Lake, Fort Pelly, Fort Qu'Appelle and Fort Ellice. General Middleton camped his forces nearby on the way to the battle at the rebel community of Batoche in May 1885. The Government telegraph line between Qu'Appelle and Humboldt passed by the post. A North West Mounted Police (NWMP) patrol post was established just to the east of the post in 1888.

Earlier locations of the post were located south of the final location.

The post was abandoned in 1909.

Current Status

Part of Touchwood Hills Post Provincial Park, only the cellar depressions of the post and a segment of the Carlton Trail remain. A stone cairn with a plaque commemorates the site and stones partially outline some building locations. A circular metal map on top of the stone cairn locates some of the earlier post sites and other historic places in the area.

Location: Touchwood Hills Post Provincial Park along Hwy 15, 9.3 miles west from Punnichy, Saskatchewan. Very small sign indicating the dirt road entrance to the park.

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Lat: 51.36234 Long: -104.09606

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