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Tower Rock Camp (1805) - A Lewis and Clark Expedition Camp established in August 1805 along the Salmon River near present day Carmen in Lemhi County, Idaho. The camp was established by William Clark and a small party at the start of a reconnaissance of the Salmon River. The party returned to the camp four day later after determining the river was not suitable for travel and they rejoined the main party.

Tower Rock Camp Marker.
Salmon River at Tower Rock Camp.
Tower Rock above the Tower Rock Camp.


Established on 21 Aug 1805 by William Clark and his reconnaissance party to the Salmon River. Clark and his men explored the Salmon River and determined that it was impassable because it was a continuous rapids. Clark returned to the Tower Rock Camp on 25 Aug 1805 and prepared to return to the main party with the news that the river was not navigable. The party had descended into the Salmon River valley via the Tower Rock Creek Canyon and would return the same way.

While at the camp on the 25th, Clark's Shoshone guide was able to obtain two salmon to supplement the meger rations that had resulted from a lack of game in the valley. That lack of game would plague the expedition through the mountains.

Current Status

Tower Rock Campsite Entrance.

Part of the Tower Rock Recreation Site Lewis & Clark Camp Site, Lemhi County, Idaho.

Location: Tower Rock Recreation Site Lewis & Clark Camp Site, Lemhi County, Idaho.

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Lat: 45.31205 Long: -113.90659

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  • Elevation: 3,810'

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