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Alexander C.W. Fanning (1788-1846) - Born in 1788 in Massachusetts. A U.S. Army artillery officer who served in the War of 1812, the First Seminole War, the Second Seminole War and ended his career as Superintendent on Recruiting Service, Western Department. He achieved the rank of Brevet Colonel. He died on active duty 18 Aug 1846, at Cincinnati, Ohio.

He entered the United States Military Academy 14 Apr 1809 and graduated 12 Mar 1812 in the Class of 1812 ranking 15th out of 18.

He served in the War of 1812 rising to the rank of Captain in the 3rd U.S. Artillery and was severely wounded at Toronto in an enemy magazine explosion. He served in the First Seminole War in Florida and in the following Spanish handover of Florida. He served during the Second Seminole War as a major and a brevet lieutenant colonel in the 4th U.S. Artillery building forts and seeing action in several battles including Fort Mellon. After the war he was in garrison at several locations and finally ending his career as Superintendent on Recruiting Service, Western Department as a Brevet Colonel. Somewhere early in his career he lost an arm but continue to serve.

In his autobiography, then 1st Lieutenant William T. Sherman described an encounter with Colonel Fanning in late May 1846, noting that he was "an old officer with one arm" who chewed him out for leaving his post in an attempt to force his way to the Mexican War. Colonel Fanning died not long after that encounter, on duty 18 Aug 1846, at Cincinnati, Ohio.


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