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Barrack Green Armoury (1911-Present) - A Canadian Federal Armoury established in 1911 in present day Saint John, Saint John County, New Brunswick, Canada. Active military armoury.

Barrack Green Armoury Signage
Barrack Green Armoury Front
Barrack Green Armoury Building


Established in 1911 as a part of a program to reform and expand the Active Volunteer Canadian Militia prior to the start of World War I. The armoury was built as a large rectangular brick structure with administrative offices along the two long side. Towers guard each corner of the building and a large troop door is centered at the front.

Current Status

Historic Six Inch Display Gun from Partidge Island Battery at Barrack Green Armoury

Active military armoury in Saint John, Saint John County, New Brunswick, Canada. A historic six inch gun from the World War II Partridge Island Batteries is displayed in front of Barrack Green Armoury (Serial No. 761). The other six inch gun from this battery is located in front of the HMCS Brunswicker building in Saint John (Serial No. 749).

Location: 60 Broadview Avenue, Saint John, Saint John County, New Brunswick, Canada

Maps & Images

Lat: 45.26586 Long: -66.05324

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