Benjamin K. Pierce

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Benjamin K. Pierce

Benjamin Kendrick Pierce (1790-1850) - Born in Hillsborough, New Hampshire 29 Aug 1790. Died in New York City 1 Apr 1850.

Entered Dartmouth college at the age of 17 and continued for three years, after which he began the study of law. After two years and with the imminent outbreak of the War of 1812 with Great Britain he enlisted in the regular army as a lieutenant of artillery.

During the 38 years of his military career he participated in several engagements, served as commanding officer of various forts, and was assigned to other responsible duties, in all of which he served with distinction.

Fort Pierce in Florida is probably named after him.

Father: Benjamin Pierce II (1757-1839) Born 25 Dec 1757, Chelmsford, Middlesex, MA. Died 1 Apr 1839, Hillsboro, [county], New Hampshire.

Mother: Anna Kendrick (1768-1838) Born 30 Oct 1768, Amherst, Hillsborough, New Hampshire. Died 7 Dec 1838, Hillsborough, Hillsborough, New Hampshire.


  • Josette La Framboise (abt 1795-1820) Died Nov 1820 in childbirth. Married 1816 at age 21.
  • Amanda Boykin (1805-1831) Born 1805 in Camden, Kershaw, South Carolina. Died 17 Jan 1831, Conecuh, Alabama. Married 8 Jun 1823 in Shasta, Alabama.
  • Louisa A. Read (-1840) Died Jan 1840. Married 1838 in Baltimore, Maryland.


  • By Josette
    • Harriet Pierce (abt 1816-)
    • Daniel Pierce (1819-1866) Raised by grandmother.
    • Langdon Pierce (1821-1821)
  • By Amanda
    • Elizabeth Pierce (-)
    • Amanda Pierce (1830-1857) Died 1857, Dallas, Alabama
    • Charlotte Boykin Pierce (1831-1852)


Personal Description:

  • Height:
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