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CPS-5 Medium Range Search Radar Set - An air transportable Medium Range Search Radar set developed by Bell Telephone Laboratories and General Electric and manufactured by General Electric. First produced in January 1945. Used with TPS-10 height-finder radar to form a GCI capability.

The CPS-5 was used in the early Alaska AC&W network and in the Lashup system in the lower 48 states. Some CP-5s continued to be used in the early permanent network sites. Generally replaced with FPS-3 long-range radars as they became available.

The CPS-5 was designed to provide a solid search capability at a range of 60 miles and a height of 40,000 feet. Greater range could be achieved by antenna tilt adjustments at the sacrifice of lower level coverage. The CPS-5 had some success at tracking aircraft as far away as 210 miles.

CPS-5 Search Radar

CPS-5 Search Radar
Element Value Notes
Nomenclature CPS-5
Variants CPS-5C
Manufacturer General Electric
Type Search
Number Made
Frequency 1300 MHz
PRF 400 MHz
Pulse Width 2 us
Rotation Speed 3.3, 5,10 rpm
Power 750 kW Peak
Range 60 nmi Medium Range
Altitude 40 k
Antenna 14' high, 25' wide, parabolid section
Indicators Two 12 inch PPI, One A-Scan
Weight 40 k pounds
Introduced Jan 1945

CPS-5 at Sparrevohn Alsaka circa 1951.

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