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Cabanne's Trading Post (1822-1834) - First established as a Berthold, Chouteau, and Pratte Company trading post in 1822 near the present-day town of Fort Calhoun, Douglas County, Nebraska. Named Cabanne's Trading Post after John Pierre Cabanne who operated the post. Became an American Fur Company post in 1827. Relocated to Bellevue in 1834. Also known as Joseph Robidoux' Post.

Cabanne's Trading Post Marker


Cabanne's Trading Post Archaeological Dig Plan.

Established by the French Company Berthold, Chouteau, and Pratte Company as a trading post in 1822 on Ponca Creek near its confluence with the Missouri River. This trading post was established just three years after nearby Fort Atkinson was established and it benefited from provisioning contracts with the military post for supplies as well as trade with the garrison. Fort Atkinson closed in 1827 making the post less profitable. The post also traded with the local Omaha, Oto, and Pawnee Indian tribes for fur pelts, the mainstay of the business.

In the 1827-1828 Season Cabanne’s Post recorded the following pelt production:

  • 28 packs of beaver [80-100 pelts/pack]
  • 58 packs of opossum [about 60 skins/pack]
  • 3 packs of otter [about 60 skins/pack]
  • 400 packs of buffalo robes [about 10 hides/pack]

John Pierre Cabanne and Joseph Robidoux alternately operated the post until 1833 when they were replaced by Joshua Pilcher. Under Cabanne and Robidoux the post came to include a row of white-painted storehouses, shops, and houses, including Cabanne's large two-story home with a balcony facing the river. In 1834, Pilcher moved the post down the river to Bellevue and placed Peter A. Sarpy in charge.

Current Status

Cabenne's Trading Post Dig in the 1970s

Now Cabanne Archaeological Site 25DO8 and listed in the National Register of Historic Places as of 5 May 1972. This site has suffered extensively from road construction and over a century of cultivation, obscuring foundations and breaking up artifacts.

Location: Marker at the lower entrance to Hummel Park,
Douglas County, Nebraska.

Maps & Images

Lat: 41.37233 Long: -95.95354

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  • Elevation: 998'

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