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Camp Abbot (1943-1945) - A World War II training camp established 2 Sep 1943 to train combat engineers. Located at present day Sun River Resort, Deschutes County, Oregon. Named in G.O. 65, 4 Dec 1942, for Brigadier General Henry Larcom Abbot (Cullum 1632), USA. Deactivated in 1945.

Camp Abbot sign at Sun River
Interior of the Great Hall (former Camp Abbot Officer's Club)

Camp Abbot History

Established as an Army Engineer replacement and engineering center during World War II on the site where General Henry Larcom Abbot had camped some 100 years earlier during the Pacific Railroads Surveys. The camp was built in five months at a cost of over 4 million dollars.
Col. Frank Besson (Cullum 4762) was the camp commander during its short life. The camp trained over 100,000 military engineers.

Current Status

The camp was purchased in 1960's and platted as "Sun River" Resort. The only building remaining today from the original camp is the officers club, now known as the Great Hall.

Location: Sun River resort, Deschutes County, Oregon

Maps & Images

Lat: 43.87197 Long: -121.4448

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  • Elevation: 4140



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