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Camp Callan (1940-1945) - A U.S. Army antiaircraft and coast artillery replacement training camp established in 1940 just before World War II on Torrey Pines Mesa, San Diego County, California. Named for Major General Robert E. Callan (Cullum 3672), who saw frontline service in the Spanish American War and World War I, who died in 1936. Abandoned and declared surplus in 1945.

Camp Callan Plan

World War II (1941-1945)

155mm Guns Firing at Camp Callan

Acquisition of the 1283 acres of land for Camp Callan was authorized on 9 Oct 1940 and the post was officially opened 15 Jan 1941. The post trained some 15,000 troops in 13 week training cycles on antiaircraft and coastal artillery. The some 300 buildings constructed included barracks, five post exchanges and three theaters.

Training was first provided for M1917/1918 155mm GPF Guns pressed into service as coastal artillery and later for the replacement 90mm and 40mm coastal guns. Antiaircraft training was provided for the newer dual use coastal guns and the 75mm and 3 inch antiaircraft guns. Antiaircraft training was moved to Fort Bliss in 1944 and the training emphasis shifted toward support for the comming mass amphibious landings.

The post was declared surplus property on 1 Nov 1945 and the leases were cancelled in 1945-1946. The city of San Diego acquired the post buildings and resold the building materials to returning veterans and civilians.

Current Status

Part located in Camp La Jolla National Military Park, San Diego County, California. Some building ruins. Other parts located on Torry Pines Golf Course and the University of Southern California at San Diego

Location: Camp La Jolla Military Park, San Diego County, California.

Maps & Images

Lat: 32.904272 Long: -117.244248

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  • Elevation: 377'



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