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Fort Battleford (1876-1924) - A North West Mounted Police (NWMP) fort established in 1876 by Superintendent James Walker at present day Battleford, Saskatchewan. Abandoned in 1924.

Fort Battleford Guardhouse and Jail
Fort Battleford Officers Quarters
Fort Battleford Barracks Museum
Fort Battleford Entrance and Palisade

History of Fort Battleford

Established in July 1876 as a North West Mounted Police post to extend law and order to the Canadian west.

The fort was active during the Northwest Rebellion of 1885, including the “seige” of Battleford. During the conflict over 500 local people sought refuge in the fort. It was a base for the military operations at Cut Knife Hill, Fort Pitt and the search for Mistahimaskwa (Big Bear). It was also the site of the surrender of Chief Poundmaker to General Frederic D. Middleton on 26 May 1885. In the end eight First Nations men were tried for murder and hanged en-mass at Fort Battleford on 27 Nov 1885.

Abandoned in 1924.

Current Status

Fort Battleford Marker

Part of Fort Battleford National Historic Site in Battleford, Saskatchewan. The stockade, bastions and five historic buildings have been reconstructed including the commanding officer's quarters, officers' quarters, sick horse stable, guardhouse, and barracks. Visitor center and the Barracks building outside the stockade. The Barracks building as some excellent displays including the complete kit and bed of a constable and a gatling gun. The buildings inside the palisade are furnished with period appropriate gear and furnishings and all are open to visitors.

Location: Fort Battleford National Historic Site, Battleford, Saskatchewan.

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Lat: 52.727222 Long: -108.296111

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