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Fort Clark (1) (1852-1946) - Originally established as Fort Riley (1) on 20 Jun 1852 by Major Joseph H. LaMotte, 1st U.S. Infantry, and named after the Commander of the 1st U.S. Infantry. The fort was renamed Fort Clark on 15 Jul 1852 for Major John B. Clark. The fort was closed in 1946.

Fort Clark (1) History

Fort Clark's original purpose was to guard the Mexican border and the San Antonio-El Paso Road against hostile Indian attacks. Colonel Mansfield in his inspection report in 1853 said that Fort Clark was "544 miles without settlement of any description after leaving El Paso" and recommended that three forts be built in between.

U.S. Civil War

On 19 Mar 1861, after Texas seceded from the Union, the federal troops at Fort Clark surrendered the fort to the Provisional Army of Texas. Confederate forces occupied the fort until August 1862. After the war the fort was again under federal control and was regarrisoned in 1866.

Fort Clark (1) Partial Commanders List (edit list)
Assumed Relieved Rank Name Cullum Notes
1873-10 1875-02 •Lt. Col. Hatch, John P. 1247
1879-12-05 1880-12-06 –Col. Stanley, David S. 1544
1880-10-06 1882-05-03 •Lt. Col. Sweitzer, N. Bowman 1602
1889-10 1894-07 –Col. Lazelle, Henry M. 1706
1899-04 1900-01  Capt. Cornish, Lester W. 2915
1901-07 1902-01  Maj. Kendall, Henry F. 2758
1910-03-15 1911-06-08  Maj. Muir, Charles H. 3065
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Current Status

The early 1870s post is somewhat preserved with old quarters and barracks repurposed and part of the Fort Clark Historic District. The Old Fort Clark Guardhouse Museum is maintained by the Fort Clark Historical Society. Most of the WWII temporary buildings are gone.

Location: Just southwest of Brackettville, Kinney County, Texas.

Maps & Images

Lat: 29.30473 Long: -100.42228

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