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Fort Early (2) (1864-1865) - A U.S. Civil War earthworks post established in 1864 by Confederate forces in Lynchburg, Campbell County, Virginia. Named for Lieutenant General Jubal Anderson Early. Abandoned in 1865.

Fort Early Entrance
Fort Early Interior, Fort Hill Women's Club Building
Fort Early Earthworks


Built as a temporary earthworks defense established in mid June 1864 by Confederate forces under Lieutenant General Jubal Anderson Early. The earthworks was roughly square and designed to protect the Lynchburg-Salem Turnpike (now Fort Street) in Lynchburg.

Union forces attacked Fort Early on 17-18 Jun 1864 from the turnpike and were turned back each time by Confederate troops and artillery. Union troops withdrew and left the area. The post was abandoned in 1865 and later preserved in its current form.

Current Status

Fort Early Marker Q-6-1

Two markers and a monument to General Jubal Early plus several interpretive signs on the exterior walls and along the entrance driveway. The Earthworks are preserved inside a low surrounding brick wall. An iron gate entrance with the "Fort Early" name across the top provides entry to the earthworks and a brick building in the center of the earthworks. The brick building is the Fort Hill Women's Club building that contains a small museum and exhibits.

Fort Early Marker and General Jubal Early Monument (knocked down)

The General Jubal Early memorial granite obelisk that occupied a small triangular street divider in front of the fort had been knocked down at the time of our visit (1 Apr 2012).

The original 17' granite obelisk was paid for by General Early's niece in 1919 to commemorate her uncle. The original was knocked down 14 Oct 2002 by two juveniles and replaced in 2004. The replacement was knocked down by a drunk driver on 10 Sep 2011 and has not yet been repaired.

Location: 3511 Memorial Ave., Lynchburg, Campbell County, Virginia.

Maps & Images

Lat: 37.389887 Long: -79.172882

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Visited: 1 Apr 2012

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