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Fort Gatlin (1838-1839, 1849) - Established 9 Nov 1838 during the Second Seminole War by Ltc. Alexander C.W. Fanning and four companies of the 4th U.S. Artillery. Named after Dr. John S. Gatlin, U.S. Army Surgeon, who was killed in the Dade Massacre 28 Dec 1835. Abandoned in June 1839.

Fort Gatlin Marker
Fort Gatlin Location

Fort Gatlin History

Established 9 Nov 1838 by Ltc. Alexander C.W. Fanning and four companies of the 4th U.S. Artillery as one of a string of forts built across central Florida during the Second Seminole War. This post was located at a strategic position on a hill overlooking three lakes. Fanning completed the fort by 15 Nov 1838 and departed, leaving one company of troops behind to garrison the new fort under the command of 1st Lt. F.E. Hunt. The final post return was dated June 1839 but the fort was apparently garrisoned by state militia until it was briefly reoccupied by federal troops in October 1849 and then abandoned.

Current Status

Marker only.

Location: Map point is marker location. Orlando, Orange County, Florida.

Maps & Images

Lat: 28.49455 Long: -81.36743333



Visited: 10 Feb 2010

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