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Fort Ohio (1750-1770s) - A French & Indian War era fortified trading post and depot established by the Ohio Company in 1750 near present day Ridgeley, Mineral County, West Virginia. Abandoned in 1770s. Also Known as New Store.

Fort Ohio Marker at the Bridge between Ridgeley, WV and Cumberland, MD.

History of Fort Ohio

Established in 1750 by the Ohio Company as a trading post and depot for the Indian trade. Later fortified and converted to a blockhouse in 1754. Located on the south bank of the Potomac River directly across from present-day Cumberland, Maryland.

The post was not initially stockaded but consisted of a two-story 45' by 25' storehouse, a stable, meathouse, and dairy. In 1754 the Virginia colonial militia under Colonel James Innis took over the post and converted the storehouse to a magazine and built breastworks but the post was not formally garrisoned by regular troops. The Ohio Company continued to operate the store on a limited basis during the war.

The much larger Fort Cumberland was built in 1755 directly across the Potomac River in present-day Cumberland, Maryland. The need for both forts declined with the end of the French & Indian War in 1763. Fort Cumberland closed in 1765 and Fort Ohio probably closed sometime between then and the early 1770s. George Washington is known to have stopped at New Store to have breakfast with Colonel James Innis on 27 Nov 1770.

Current Status

Fort Ohio Marker Text

Marker only, on the south side of the bridge between Ridgeley, West Virginia, and Cumberland, Maryland.

Location: On Bridge Street at the Potomac River Bridge in Ridgeley, Mineral County, West Virginia.

Maps & Images

Lat: 39.64722 Long: -78.76667

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  • Elevation: 640'

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  • WV0229 - Fort Ohio

Visited: 31 May 2016

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