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Fort Stewart (1940-1945, 1950-Present) - First established in January 1940 as Camp Stewart (1) (2). Named January 1941, after Gen. Daniel Stewart, a Liberty County Revolutionary War Hero. Active military installation.

Fort Stewart Entrance Sign
Fort Stewart Military Museum

World War II

Established just prior to U.S. entry into World War II as an anti-aircraft artillery training center with 280,000 acres and housing for 2,705 officers and 37,267 enlisted personnel. Housed as many as 55,000 troops in the build up to D-Day. Later in the war two prisoner of war camps were established for captured German and Italian prisoners. After the war, the post briefly functioned as a separation center and then went into a caretaker status with less than 100 personnel maintaining the post

Korean War

Reopened 9 Aug 1950 as Camp Stewart (1) to support the Korean War effort. Re-designated as Fort Stewart on 21 Mar 1956. The mission shifted from anti-aircraft training role to armor and artillery training.

Vietnam War

The training role changed again during the Vietnam War to helicopter pilot and gunnery training and included training for Vietnamese personnel. As the Vietnam War came to a close the post again went into caretaker status until 1974 when it was made home of 24th U.S. Infantry Division. In 1996 the 24th U.S. Infantry Division was deactivated and the 3rd U.S. Infantry Division took over the post.

Current Status

Active military installation.

Location: Fort Stewart, Liberty County, Georgia.

Maps & Images

Lat: 31.88 Long: -81.6075



Visited: 20 Jan 2010

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