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Jackson Barracks (1834-Active) - First established in 1834 as New Orleans Barracks in New Orleans, Orleans Parish, Louisiana. Renamed Jackson Barracks after Andrew Jackson on 7 Jul 1866. Active military installation.

Jackson Barracks Entrance Early 1900s
Jackson Barracks 1860

Jackson Barracks History

Established in 1834 as an enclosed and fortified compound facing along the Mississippi River. The compound was built with high brick walls enclosing an area 1,500 feet by 560 feet. Three-story round towers were at each corner with embrasures for cannon and muskets. Inside the compound were four, two-story, barracks arranged in a quadrangle and officer quarters arranged along a rectangular parade. A hospital complex was built outside the compound in 1848.

Besides serving as a local area support complex, it served as an embarkation point for troops going to the Seminole War II (1835-1842). During the Mexican-American War it served as a hospital for returning wounded. It was seized by Louisiana troops in 1861 when the U.S. Civil War began but was soon reclaimed when Union troops retook New Orleans, 1 May 1862. The post was renamed for Andrew Jackson after the U.S. Civil War in 1866.

Jackson Barracks Plan 26 Mar 1919

Jackson Barracks was turned over to the State of Louisiana in 1922 but was reoccupied by federal troops during World War II. On 31 Oct 1946, it was declared surplus and returned to the State of Louisiana.

Current Status

Now maintained by the State of Louisiana for use by the Louisiana National Guard. Many of the old buildings remain, including the four barracks and the two north towers. This is an active military post and access is controlled.

Location: Jackson Barracks, New Orleans, Orleans Parish, Louisiana.

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Lat: 29.951525 Long: -90.009989

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