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Built as one of five "Abbot Quad" batteries in which four mortar pits (with four mortar each) were arranged in a quadrangle. These batteries were originally configured as a single battery but were later administratively separated into two batteries and a second name assigned. Battery Lincoln was rebuilt into a more conventional configuration at great cost.

Abbot Quad Mortar Batteries
Fort Original Battery Second Battery Active Years Harbor Defense
Fort Andrews (1) Battery Whitman Battery Cushing 1898-1942 Harbor Defense of Boston
Fort Banks Battery Lincoln (1) Battery Kellogg 1896-1942 Harbor Defense of Boston
Fort Slocum Battery Haskin Battery Overton 1897-1919 Harbor Defense of Eastern New York
Fort Hancock Battery Reynolds Battery McCook 1891-1920 Harbor Defense of Southern New York
Fort Dupont Battery Rodney Battery Best 1897-1941 Harbor Defense of the Delaware
Fort Moultrie Battery Capron Battery Butler 1897-1942 Harbor Defense of Charleston
Fort Winfield Scott Battery Howe Battery Wagner 1893-1920 Harbor Defense of San Francisco
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