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Battery 155 - Fort Weaver (1934-194?) - Battery 155 - Fort Weaver was a temporary, World War II, 155mm coastal gun battery on Panama mounts. Located on Fort Weaver, Honolulu County, Hawaii. Battery construction started 16 Apr 1934, was completed 25 Aug 1934 and transferred to the Coast Artillery for use 18 Sep 1934 at a cost of $ 5,912.04. Deactivated in 194?.

World War II

Part of the Harbor Defense of Pearl Harbor.

Originally built as a temporary World War II coastal gun battery with four 155mm 1918 rapid fire guns mounted on 1918 mobile marriages emplaced on circular Panama mounts. The guns for this battery were kept at the Fort Kamehameha gun park and transported to the three Panama mount gun batteries operated by Fort Kamehameha when needed.

155mm M1918 Gun at Fort Morgan
Panama Mount at Fort Pickens

Battery 155 - Fort Weaver Plan

Current Status

One Panama mount remains visible in the surf, no period guns or carriages in place.

Location: Fort Weaver, Honolulu County, Hawaii

Maps & Images

Lat: 21.315916 Long: -157.97878

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  • Elevation: .....'


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