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Camp Arbuckle (2) (1850-1851) - A U.S. Army frontier camp established in 1850 by Capt. Randolph B. Marcy (Cullum 690) near Byars, McClain County, Oklahoma. Named Camp Arbuckle after General Matthew Arbuckle, who had recently died of cholera at Fort Smith (2). Abandoned in 1851 when the post was transferred by Marcy to Fort Arbuckle (1); the Camp is often referred to by Oklahoma historians as "Old Camp Arbuckle" to distinguish it from the Fort.

History of Camp Arbuckle

After Captain Marcy returned from escorting the California emigrants as far as Santa Fe, he was directed to take a force and establish a post on his California trail for the protection of future emigrants. Accordingly, in August, 1850, Marcy arrived here with his command and built a camp with a number of log houses; but soon most of the garrison was ill with malaria-like fevers, and on Marcy's recommendation his superiors decided to locate the post elsewhere. The camp was abandoned to the Delaware Indians and the garrison was removed about thirty miles southwest to what was later called Fort Arbuckle.

Current Status

Not a trace of the camp remains.

Location: Byars, McClain, Oklahoma. Both map markers are at approximate locations. The Marker was not locatable via Google at the identified location. The camp map marker was located at the end of Camp Arbuckle Avenue.

Maps & Images

Lat: 34.91488 Long: -97.07755

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