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Camp Jackson (4) (1861-1861) - A Confederate Army post established in 1861 during the U.S. Civil War by Brigadier General Daniel M. Frost in St. Louis City, Missouri. Named for Claiborne F. Jackson, Governor of Missouri. Captured by Union forces in 1861 and abandoned.

Camp Jackson Union Troops Drilling circa 1861


A brigade of volunteer Missouri militia under Confederate Brigadier General Daniel M. Frost established Camp Jackson (4) west of St. Louis Arsenal on 6 May 1861. The Camp was secretly armed by the Confederacy but there were mixed sympathies among the camp's volunteers.

Captain Nathaniel Lyon perceived the establishment of the Camp as a direct threat to the Arsenal and marched on Camp Jackson on 10 May 1861. Captain Lyon moved four regiments of volunteers and a battalion of regulars to surround the Camp. He placed his artillery above the Camp on present-day Olive St. and Grand Avenue. General Frost was compelled to surrender and some 1000 militia were captured and marched off to the Arsenal. The citizenry surrounding the Camp began to attack the Union troops and the troops fired upon the attackers, killing 28 and wounding about 100 citizens. One Union officer and one enlisted man were killed. The prisoners were kept at the arsenal until they were paroled. Captain Lyon was able to control the situation and the Arsenal remained in Union hands throughout the war playing a significant role in arming the Union forces in the west.

Current Status

Saint Louis University, St. Louis City, Missouri

Location: Saint Louis University, St. Louis City, Missouri.

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