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Camp Randall (1861-1865, 1917) - A Union U.S. Civil War Camp established in 1861 in Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin. Named Camp Randall after Governor Alexander W Randall. Closed in 1865. Temporarily reactivated during World War I as a drill ground for troops headed overseas.

Camp Randall Sketch 1864.


Established in 1861 as a Union training camp and later as a POW camp for Confederate prisoners. Located between University Ave. and Monroe Street, from Randall Ave. to Breese Terrace in Madison, Wisconsin. The camp was the center of Wisconsin military activities during the U.S. Civil War, and more than 70,000 men were quartered and trained here.

After the Union capture of Island #10, near Madrid, Missouri, on 8 Apr 1862 some 1,400 Confederate prisoners were sent to Camp Randall at Madison. The prisoners arrived in Wisconsin on the April 20 and 24 and were escorted to Camp Randall. Serious problems with the prisoners developed and a 1 May 1862 inspection indicated that the guards were lacking and that the camp hospital was unable to care for the sick Confederate patients. The prisoners were then transferred to Camp Douglas on 31 May 1862.

Abandoned as a military camp in 1865 and after the war, the property became the State Fairgrounds. Later the state purchased the land, and the University of Wisconsin used it as a park and athletic facilities. In 1912 a ceremonial arch was built on Randall Street to commemorate the camp.

During World War I the camp was reopened briefly to accommodate troops for drilling in preparation for deployment to the war in Europe.

Current Status

Now the Camp Randall Sports Complex of the University of Wisconsin.

Location: Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin.

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