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Camp Recovery (1820-1821) - A U.S. Army post established in 1820 as a convalescent camp for soldiers from nearby Fort Scott (3). Located by present day Recover, Decatur County, Georgia. Abandoned in 1821.

Camp Recovery On Site Marker
Camp Recovery On Site gate
Camp Recovery Marker in Bainbridge, GA, at the Corner of E. Shotwell St. and S. Broad St.


Camp Recovery On Site 34-pounder Cannon

Established 15 Sep 1820 as a medical camp for the treatment of soldiers from nearby Fort Scott (3). Many of the soldiers at Fort Scott (3) suffered from malaria and dysentery contracted as a result of the poor location of the post. Camp recovery was established on higher ground away from the river and about three miles from the fort. A cemetery was also established nearby for the soldiers that died here.

Current Status

Private property east of Recovery, Decatur County, Georgia. A gate and marker are located alongside the road and a vertically mounted cannon serves as a memorial, privately maintained and kept in outstanding condition. A second marker is located in the town of Bainbridge, Georgia. (zoom out on the map to see the Bainbridge Marker)

Location: Recovery, Decatur County, Georgia.

Maps & Images

Lat: 30.754005 Long: -84.731688

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  • Elevation: 220'



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