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Camp Scott (2) (1857-1858) - Established in 1857 by U.S. Army troops under the command of Colonel Albert Sidney Johnston in Uinta County, Wyoming during the Mormon War. Named for General Winfield Scott. Abandoned in 1858.

Camp Scott Locale, actual location not determined


U.S. troops were dispatched in mid 1857 to insure a secular government for the Utah Territory in what became known as the Mormon War. The U.S. force was delayed by logistic problems and had assembled at Camp Winfield, 35 miles from Fort Bridger, on 28 Sep 1857 but they did not begin the advance on Fort Bridger until 6 Nov 1857.

The U.S. Army advance was plagued with an extremely bad winter storm and Mormon raids on their supply trains, the 35 miles between Camp Winfield and Fort Bridger took 15 days and a heavy toll on the men and animals. As the U.S. troops approached Fort Bridger the Mormon defenders burned down both Fort Bridger and nearby Fort Supply (1) to keep them from providing food and shelter to the advancing U.S. Army which was in dire straights. Colonel Johnston garrisoned what remained of Fort Bridger and used the stone shell to store his remaining supplies and moved his main force two miles south and established Camp Scott. He subsequently established the nearby civilian community of Eckelsville to house the federally appointed territorial officials. The U.S. force and the federally appointed territorial officials were forced to winter in these crude accommodations.

With the coming of spring an accommodation was reached between the U.S. Government and Mormon leaders that allowed the Army to advance to Salt Lake City and establish a garrison at Camp Floyd near Cedar Fort. The federally appointed territorial officials took their posts and the Mormon War was over.

Current Status

Unknown, Uinta County, Wyoming

Location: Uinta County, Wyoming. Map point is not accurate, actual location not determined.

Maps & Images

Lat: 41.288449 Long: -110.389853

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  • Elevation: about 6600'



Visited: Locale 18 Sep 2011

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