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Camp Walker (1) (1861-1861) - A short lived Confederate U.S. Civil War Camp established in 1861 at Metairie Race Track in Metaire, Orleans County, Louisiana. Named Camp Walker after Leroy P. Walker, Confederate Secretary of War. Abandoned in 1861 for Camp Moore. Also known as Camp Metairie and Camp Smith.

History of Camp Walker (1)

Established in April 1861 at the old Metairie Race Track in Metaire, Orleans County, Louisiana to accept, organize and train recruits for the Confederate Army. The camp remained in operation until 12 May 1861 when the recruits were redirected and transferred to Camp Moore. Camp Walker had proven to be too small and unsanitary for the large numbers of troops arriving to join up. Camp Walker was abandoned on 20 May 1861.

Current Status

Now the site of Metairie Cemetery.

Location: Metaire, Orleans County, Louisiana.

Maps & Images

Lat: 29.98194 Long: -90.11861

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