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Camp Wheeler (3) (1864-1899) - Initially established as the Post at Huntsville in January 1864 in Huntsville, Madison County, Alabama. Reestablished as a Spanish American War 4th Army Corps training camp in 1898. Named Camp Wheeler 15 Aug 1898 after Major General Joseph Wheeler (Cullum 1843), Confederate General during the U.S. Civil War. Renamed Camp Albert G. Forse 23 Oct 1898 for Major Albert G. Forse (Cullum 2074), 1st U.S. Cavalry, who was killed in action at San Juan Hill, 1 Jul 1898. Abandoned in 1899.

Spanish American War (1898-1898)

During the Spanish American War the post was reestablished as Camp Wheeler and later renamed Camp Albert G. Forse. The camp was an organizing and training post for the 4th Army Corps whose second commander was Major General Joseph Wheeler, the former Confederate General, who volunteered for service during the Spanish American War. The camp was originally named for General Wheeler who changed the name himself to Camp Albert G. Forse after a Major killed at San Juan Hill.

4th Army Corps Units at Camp Wheeler (31 Oct 1898)
1st Division 2nd Division 3rd Division
  • 1st Brigade
  • 2nd Brigade
  • 3rd Brigade

Camp Wheeler (3) Commanders List (edit list)
Assumed Relieved Rank Name Cullum Notes
1898-08 1898-10-13 Maj. Gen. Coppinger, John J. N/A U.S.V.
1898-10-13 1898-12-03 Maj. Gen. Wheeler, Joseph 1843 U.S.V.
1898-12-14 1898-12-20 Brig. Gen. Arnold, A. K. 1845 U.S.V.
1898-12-20 1898-12-29 Maj. Gen. Lawton, Henry W. N/A U.S.V.
1898-12-29 1899-01-16 Brig. Gen. Frank, Royal T. 1815 U.S.V.
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Current Status

No remains, Huntsville, Madison County, Alabama.

Location: Huntsville, Madison County, Alabama.

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