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World War II Defenses

In 1936, Major B.D.C. Treatt, Royal Artillery, recommended a defense for Prince Rupert that included a modern 6 inch battery with 45 degree mountings, a 6 pounder duplex gun battery, anti-motor torpedo boat (AMTB) battery, a 12 pounder battery for close defense, and boom and net defenses.

The fixed coast batteries were constructed between 1938 and 1940 and were first armed with available ordnance. The defenses included a spiked boom at Dundas Point across the northern Venn Passage and torpedo/submarine nets across the main shipping channel south of the harbor.

In early 1942 two 8-inch American railway guns were sent to beef up the Prince Rupert defenses for a growing U.S. presence at Prince Rupert. The U.S. Army built a large ammunition depot 10 miles south of Prince Rupert that included 180 building and 23 ammunition bunkers. A large U.S. Army warehouse was built at the docks. These facilities provided a major logistics base for the Aleutian Campaign.

World War II Prince Rupert Defense Gun Batteries
Coastal Batteries Anti-Aircraft Batteries Fire Control Stations
  • Pilsbury Cove Battery 4-3.7" AA Guns
  • Tobey Point Battery 4-3.7" AA Guns
  • Seal Cove Battery 4-3.7" AA Guns
  • Mount Hays
    • CDX #1 Mk 1 Radar
    • CDX #1 Mk 5 Radar
  • East Kinahan Island
  • West Ridley Island


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