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Fort Johnson (7) (1832-1832) - A Black Hawk War volunteer militia fort first established as Fort Ottawa in 1832 in Ottawa, La Salle County, Illinois. Later renamed Fort Johnson. Abandoned in 1832.

History of Fort Johnson

Established during the Black Hawk War in 1832 as a militia fort/blockhouse. General Henry Atkinson used the fort as his headquarters during the conflict.

Future president Captain Abraham Lincoln was mustered out of the service at the fort 27 May 1832. He was then mustered back in as a mounted volunteer by Lieutenant (volunteer Colonel) Robert Anderson, (Cullum 406), who would later command Fort Sumter at the beginning of the U.S. Civil War. Lincoln was required to furnished his own arms and horse. His service was short, 20 days, ending on 16 Jun 1832 when he was mustered out of the volunteers by Lieutenant Anderson. He again reenlisted at Fort Wilbourn as a private in Captain Jacob M. Early independent spy company for another short term.

Treaties ending the Black Hawk War were signed at Fort Armstrong in September 1832 and Fort Johnson was abandoned later in 1832.

Current Status

No remains, no markers. Site located west of the IL 23 / IL 71 intersection.

Location: Ottawa, La Salle County, Illinois. Map point is approximate and not accurate.

Maps & Images

Lat: 41.34088 Long: -88.84313

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