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Fort Liard (1822-1970+) - A Hudson's Bay Company fur trading post and fort first established in 1822 on the Liard River at present day Fort Liard, Northwest Territories. Named after the Liard River. Closed after 1970. Also the site of Fort Liard RCMP Post.

Fort Liard HBC Post (1822-1970+

A Hudson's Bay Company fur trading post and fort first established in 1822 on the Laird River at the confluence with the Black River in present day Fort Liard, Northwest Territories.

Much confusion is evident about the origination of this post, some saying it was established as a North West Company fort in 1805. An examination of the Alexander Henry Jr's Journal (Keith below) indicated that, in 1822, a new post was put at the confluence of the Liard River and the "little River Noir" (Black River) and "The new post was called Fort Liard, the first time an establishment bore that name in the Mackenzie River District." This would have been the HBC post because the North West Company ceased to exist in 1821.

Closed after 1970.

Fort Liard RCMP Post

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) established a post at Fort Liard sometime before 1940.

Current Status


Location: Fort Liard, Northwest Territories, Canada.

Maps & Images

Lat: 60.2399 Long: -123.47444

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  • Elevation: 709'

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