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Fort Livingstone (1874-1884) - A North West Mounted Police post established in 1874 at present day Pelly, Saskatchewan. Abandoned in 1884. Also known as Swan River Barracks.

History of Fort Livingstone

Established in 1874 as the first post built for the new North West Mounted Police (NWMP).

The post served as the first headquarters for the NWMP from 1874 to 1876 and as the served as the temporary seat of government of the North West Territories while the new government buildings were being built in Battleford.

The post was abandoned in 1884.

Current Status

No remains. Part of Fort Livingstone National Historic Site in Pelly, Saskatchewan.

Location: Near Pelly, Saskatchewan. Map point is approximate.

Maps & Images

Lat: 51.89944 Long: -101.96222

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  • Elevation: .....'

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