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Fort McIntosh (2) (1776-1777) - A patriot Revolutionary War fort established in 1776 by William McIntosh in present day Camden County, Georgia. Named for William's brother, Brigadier General Lachlan McIntosh who ordered the fort built. Surrendered to the British and abandoned in 1777.


The fort was built out as a 100' square stockaded post with a blockhouse in the center and bastions at each corner. The post was garrisoned by some 60 men under Captain Richard Winn.

The post was attacked by the British on 17 Feb 1777 and surrendered on 18 Feb 1777.

Current Status

Marker only at the intersection of U.S. 82 and GA 110 in Camden County, Georgia. Map point is the marker.

Location: Located at the intersection of US 82 and GA 110 in Camden County, Georgia.

Maps & Images

Lat: 31.221825 Long: -81.853241

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  • Elevation: .....'



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