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Fort McIntosh (3) (1778-1788) - A Patriot Revolutionary War era fort established in 1778 near present day Beaver, Beaver County, Pennsylvania. Named Fort McIntosh after Brig. General Lachlan McIntosh. The first United States Army post and site of the Treaty of Fort McIntosh (1785). Abandoned in 1788.

Fort McIntosh from the Ohio River Side.


Fort McIntosh Plan.

Built in 1778 under the direction of Lt. Colonel Louis Antoine Cambray-Digny, a French engineer, who directed the construction of Fort McIntosh as chief engineer. Located near the former site of King Beaver's Town, an important Delaware native town at the junction of the Ohio River and the Beaver River. The fort was constructed as a 50-yard square stockade with four bastions on a site that was 130 feet above the river. It was initially armed with one gun in each bastion, increased by 1785 to six guns total.

Fort McIntosh became the first United States Army post (except for small detachments at West Point and Fort Pitt) after the end of the revolution. The first American regiment was garrisoned at Fort McIntosh between 1784 and 1785 under the command of Lt. Colonel Josiah Harmar.

The Treaty of Fort McIntosh was signed here in January 1785. Over 400 chiefs and warriors of the Delaware, Wyandot, Chippewa and Ottawa tribes met at Fort McIntosh with the American Treaty Commissioners George Rogers Clark, Richard Butler and Arthur Lee. The tribes surrendered all future claims to the lands north of the Ohio River. This made possible the settlement of Western Pennsylvania and Northwestern Ohio.

Abandoned as a fortification in 1788 as the frontier moved further west.

Fort McIntosh Partial Commanders List (edit list)
Assumed Relieved Rank Name Cullum Notes
1778 1778 Colonel Gibson, John N/A
1778 1778 Brigadier General McIntosh, Lachlan N/A
1778 1778 Lt. Colonel Campbell, Richard N/A
1778 1779 Colonel Brodhead, Daniel N/A
1779 1779 Captain Clark, John N/A
1779 1779 Captain Dawson, Samuel N/A
1779 1779 Captain Beal, Robert N/A
1779 1779 Captain Morgan, Simon N/A
1779 1780 Major Taylor, Richard N/A
1780 1780 Captain Biggs, Benjamin N/A
1780 1780 Captain Tannehill, Addison N/A
1781 1781 Captain Clark, John N/A
1782 1782 Lieutenant Bryson, Sam N/A
1784 1784 Captain Finney, Walter N/A
1785 1785 Lt. Colonel Harmar, Josiah N/A
1785 1785 Major Doughty, John N/A
1786 1786 Major Wylls, John P. N/A
1786 1786 Captain Hamtramck, John F. N/A
1786 1786 Captain Strong, David N/A
1787 1787 Captain Ferguson, William N/A
1787 1788 Lieutenant Ford, Mahlon N/A
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Current Status

Site excavated in 1974. A memorial plaza and eight assorted historical markers.

Location: Beaver, Beaver County, Pennsylvania.

Maps & Images

Lat: 40.69078 Long: -80.30449

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  • Elevation: 794'

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