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Fort Mott (2) (1777-1780) - A Revolutionary War Fort established in 1777 near Pittsford, Rutland County, Vermont. Named Fort Mott after John Mott, a militia Commander. Abandoned in 1783.


Established in 1777, Fort Mott was a settler built palisaded square occupying about three-quarters of an acre and enclosing the log house of William Cox. The fort was located on the east bank of Otter Creek, which provided the fort's fresh water. It was built after the Battle of Hubbardton in July 1777 as a sanctuary from British troops and/or hostile Indians. Fort Mott was at times garrisoned by a detachment of state militia and the town received compensation from the state for its construction and maintenance

The fort was probably abandoned as a fortification prior by 1780.

Current Status

The approximate location of Fort Mott is on the east bank of Otter Creek approximately 1.33 miles south of the Fort Vengeance Monument.

Location: Pittsford, Rutland County, Vermont.

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Lat: 43.580092 Long: -73.036609

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  • VT0031 - Fort Mott (2)

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