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Fort Mulligan (2) (1861-1861) - A U.S. Civil War Union Fort established in 1861 in Lexington, Lafayette County, Missouri. Named Fort Mulligan after then Colonel James A. Mulligan the Union commander. The fortifications were captured by Confederate forces after a three-day siege in September 1861.


A Union U.S. Civil War earthworks defense built around the vacant Masonic College at Lexington in Lafayette County Missouri. Some 2,700 Union troops under the command of Colonel James A. Mulligan had fortified themselves inside the grounds of that College on the northern end of town.

In late August, the commander of the pro-Southern state guard forces, Maj. Gen. Sterling Price and his 7,000 troops advanced on Lexington. By the time General Price reached the fort, his forces had grown to some 12,00 troops. A tree day siege ensued and ended with an attack by the Confederates behind rolling bales of cotton. That attack did not succeed but Colonel Mulligan and most of his officers were wounded and they surrendered the fort to the Confederate forces on 20 Sep 1861.

Current Status

Now part of the Battle of Lexington State Historic Site. Traces of Union trenchworks still exist at the preserved battlefield.

Location: Lexington, Lafayette County, Missouri.

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Lat: 39.19150 Long: -93.87864

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  • Elevation: 855'

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