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Fort No. 2 - NYC (1776-1779) - A Revolutionary War fortification established in 1776 in New York City, Bronx County, New York. Captured by the British in 1776 and held by them until 1779. Destroyed and abandoned by the British in 1779. Also known as Fort Swartwout.

Revolutionary War Fortifications North of New York City, circa 1777. Fort No. 2 in Upper Center

History of Fort Number Two - NYC

A Patriot Revolutionary War fortification established in late summer of 1776 in present day New York City, Bronx County, New York. Located on the crest of Spuyten Duyvil Hill just across the river from Manhattan Island. Built by Colonel James Swartwout and elements of the Dutchess County minutemen as a small, square, fort on the outer defense line of New York City.

Captured by the British without opposition in late 1776 during the invasion of New York City and held by them until 1779. Initially garrisoned by Hessians who added a small redan to the west side. In 1779 the British constricted their outer defense line to shift manpower to other locations and many of the outposts were destroyed and abandoned. Fort No. Two was abandoned and destroyed by the British in 1779 as a part of this consolidation.

Current Status

No remains. Said to be located 200 feet south of 230th Street and 230 feet west of Arlington Avenue in the Bronx.

Location: Spuyten Duyvil Hill, New York City, Bronx County, New York. Map point may not be accurate.

Maps & Images

Lat: 40.88148 Long: -73.91435

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  • Elevation: .....'

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